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Social Media Marketing

Generate and Get Quality Leads For Your Business with Our Facebook Lead Ads

You can take advantage of our social media advertising experts to see how much you need to spend per sale or lead to maximize profits. With our help, you can create professional ads, run campaigns, and analyze data regularly to achieve better performance and increase sales.

We often choose Facebook ads to promote our clients’ products due to the high volume of potential customers on Facebook. We understand your goals and deliver meaningful results with our Facebook marketing company.

Boost Your Sales With Dynamic Product Ads (DPA's)

We use Dynamic Product Ads to create advertisements based on the products on their website. These ads can contain the exact product your past site visitors viewed, related products, or even for new visitors.

We show relevant product ads to your ideal customers with our results-driven campaigns. Our team helps you get results by analyzing your business and your customers, as well as using the right tools for creating Facebook product ads.

Advertising Agency Specialized in Mid-funnel Facebook Ads

Our initial approach is to target both new and previous traffic at the bottom of the marketing funnel. After that, we set up Facebook campaigns with objectives targeting prospects earlier in the decision-making cycle with the goal of building a custom audience for remarketing.

We have a wide selection of campaign types, including App Installs, Video Views, and much more.

Leads Generation via Messenger Ads

Facebook Messenger is a preferred way to communicate online. Instant messaging and sales bots are becoming increasingly popular among consumers and businesses alike.

With Messenger advertising, you can increase your website or app visitation rates while driving more clicks. You can also interact with potential customers through Messenger advertising. You can ask prospects questions to qualify them and then filter out those who aren’t interested.

Advertisements Are More Effective When Displayed To Your Most Valuable Prospective Customers.

Businesses worldwide are boosting their ROI by advertising on Facebook PPC. If you are also interested in Facebook PPC services and looking for a trustworthy partner, we will guide you through the process.

1000+ Real Likes on Facebook

Guaranteed Increase in Brand Visibility

10,000+ Real Followers Guaranteed

How facebook PPC works?

With Facebook Ads Manager, you can manage PPC campaigns on Facebook. These advertisements can be video ads, standard photos, or carousel ads.

Setting Plans

First need to establish your business goals. It is essential to check whether there is a need for your services in the market or not. If you don’t determine the market needs for your products, you could lose money.

Target Market

Reaching out to your target audience requires Facebook ads to achieve exceptional results. To achieve this, you can use various tactics such as detailed targeting, basic targeting, etc.

Placement of Advertisements

It is well known that Facebook has different placements for its ads. You can pick the one that offers the highest return on investment while having the smallest cost-per-conversion. Two of Facebook’s most famous ad placements are Desktop and Mobile Newsfeed.

Budgeting & Analyzing

The campaign budget optimization tool can always help you set or analyze the Facebook PPC budget. This tool allows you to automate redistribution based on your audience. With our expert team, your campaigns can work better.

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Let us help you with your project by utilizing our team of experts.

Project manager

Coordinator, who will keep in constant contact with you about the project

Marketing analyst

Control advertising as part of a general marketing plan

Targeting specialist

Know all about ads manager


Calls to action written to perfection


Use creative ideas that are unique and interesting.

Usability specialist

Assesses your website’s usability

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We Use Facebook PPC to Drive Exceptional ROI

Our Facebook PPC services are among the best and come at affordable rates. Whether it is revenue or audience satisfaction, our primary goal is to maximize profits for our clients.

Competitors’ Analysis

It’s common for companies to research their competitors, but careful analysis can be tricky. We create a Facebook Ad swipe file to understand your competitor better.

Social Campaigns That Engage

The market is constantly evolving, so we help customers develop real-time content for better outcomes. We also assist in creating a community on social media where you can share your posts and respond to comments

Track your FB PPC campaigns

Monitoring your Facebook ads is quite an essential step you don’t want to miss out on. By monitoring, you can check your ads’ performance, responder demographics, inline interactions, and actions by impression time

Campaign Management & Optimization

Make sure that you optimize your campaigns to improve ROI and decrease costs. Utilizing Facebook’s Ads Manager, it’s easy to manage your advertising campaigns.

Why Should You Try Swift for Facebook PPC Ad Service

We offer clients comprehensive Facebook Ad Campaign services at SDM. Establishing your brand in this competitive and rapidly expanding market can be easy with our expertise and comprehensive experience. The experts at our company are well versed in everything from CPCs to engagement metrics.

Get More SEO Rankings

As search engines rely on social signals for website rankings, our Facebook advertising services can help you improve social signals, ultimately enhancing your search engine rankings.

Brand Awareness

You can increase your brand awareness through Facebook advertising, which increases customer attribution. Having more leads and overall business growth will help you to grow your business.

Boost in Website Traffic

We can help you increase traffic to your website through Facebook advertising. Our site click campaign aims at your target audience, delivering cost-effective traffic to your website.

Higher ROI & Leads

You can achieve maximum profit by using our Facebook advertising services. We help you to increase your ROI and brand awareness through keyword optimization.

Facebook Advertising Agency FAQs

You can pay for Facebook ads with the following payment methods:

  1. Credit cards or co-branded debit cards, including: Mastercard. Visa.
  2. PayPal in one of their accepted currencies.
  3. Local manual payment methods, including: Interac.

In Canada, the company enacted new policies to prevent discrimination in the job, housing, and credit ads. As a result of the new rules, Facebook will no longer allow advertisers to target ads to individual Canadians following their age, gender, and postal code.

Facebook ads will be taxable under the goods and services tax (GST) starting in July 2021. You will not be charged GST/HST for Facebook ads if you provide your GST/HST ID.

Invoices billed out of Google LLC will begin to include GST/HST on July 1st, 2021. They do not collect taxes from businesses that register for GST.

The Facebook ad revenue growth in 2020 is 4.9% despite the uncertainties posed by COVID-19. Facebook ads cost an average of $18.68 per click in 2021. As a result, reaching your audience on Facebook is more costly than ever before, but it is still effective.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $0.50 to $2.00 per click for Facebook ads.

Google Ads will begin charging GST/HST to Canadian customers with billing addresses in Canada on July 1st, 2021 unless their Google Ads payment profiles are updated with a GST/HST registration number.

The following payment methods are available for Facebook ads:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Local manual payment methods

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