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Swift's web developers assist brands in traversing the ever-changing digital world.

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Build with the world's most intuitive platform

In the same way that you want your business to attract customers and make shopping easy, your website should do the same for you on the internet.We have a team of expert developers, they love to face challenge and do their best to converts visitors into your customers.


Technologies We Use

To assist you with a variety of business needs, we utilize a variety of technologies. Some of the following are:

Quality Web Development Services

We are not only well-equipped to get hands-on, but can also guide and consult on strategy. These are some of the following technique that we use.

Analytic Optimization

We understand the value of accurate data, so we'll set up your new site with tracking that goes beyond mere page views, so you'll know exactly what your visitors are looking for.

Website that is safe

If you've ever had a website hacked, you know how difficult it is to recover. We use numerous strategies to secure your site, which prevents downtime and losses to your business.

Responsive Website Design

According to Google, if your website is not optimized for displays, you will lose more than 60% of your online traffic. That's why we create responsive websites that adjust to the size of the device a user is using to see them, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.


In our development process, we employ the most excellent website platforms and web development languages. We are introducing new tools and apps that are designed to get outcomes. The ultimate product is an award-winning website design.

Client-Centric Approach

Our online solutions serve startups and organizations with a client-centric approach. We place a high value on offering the finest possible service.

SEO Optimized Approach

It is critical to rank your website on Google in order to maximize traffic and revenue. We create SEO-friendly websites so you don't have to be concerned about your search engine rankings.

Expertise in Website Development

From E-Commerce to Web Development Services, We have a Team of Expert Developers for all your Projects

Business websites

If your website isn't mobile-friendly, isn't up to date, doesn't convert visitors into leads, or just isn't meeting your expectations, you'll require professional website design services. We help you in building business websites.

Website Marketing

You can take your business online and generate more sales and leads with quality and professional web development services. We use social media marketing, SEO, pay-per-click marketing, Content writing, Email marketing, and more to help you to grow your business

WordPress Websites

WordPress is one of the most adaptable, versatile, and easy-to-use platforms available, regardless of your industry, company size, or ambitions. Our company is ready to assist you in making your website more productive! What you can expect from our WordPress development services are the following.

Website analytics

* Conversion optimization
* Advanced analytics
* Goal tracking
* Audience analysis
* Content audits and more

E-commerce websites

E-Commerce web solutions from Newfound Marketing are available in a variety of sizes. Newfound Marketing's web developers can integrate eCommerce functionality into your existing website or construct it from the ground up.

How Web Development Outsourcing with Swift Works?

We Always Deliver Quality Service and Works – Our Process Includes

Talk about your needs.

To discuss your project ideas and needs, schedule a meeting with one of our team members.

Request a Quote

We go over your requirements and find online solutions that are both effective and practical for you.

Web design and development

The team begins designing the solution once the requirements have been established.

Assurance of Quality

The quality assurance team guarantees that everything is on track after the development and final review by the client.

Project Launch

After all tests and modifications have been completed, our staff will launch your brand-new site to ensure the greatest quality.

Hire Web Design and Development Experts

We have an Experienced team of Developers – Tell us what you want and we will develop it. Check out our Services for More Details

Prototyping & UI/UX Designing

Our UI designers turn UX wireframes into colorful, dynamic interface mockups with eye-catching visuals by combining the newest design trends with your brand book. We show you the mockups and alter them till you approve them, ensuring that the design of your web solution will increase user happiness and adoption. Hiring professional UI/UX designers will help you create meaningful interfaces that will make users feel at ease while using your platform.

Progressive Web Development

A website's purpose is to attract and retain visitors while also communicating your brand message. To create cross-platform web apps, we employ progressive enhancement methodologies. Hire professional net developers to create responsive Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) that operate properly each on line and offline

Web solution engineering

Our skilled web developers create websites, web portals, and other web-based solutions, which they supplement with custom or platform-based content management systems (CMSs) to make administration easier. Our specialized Project Management Office implements Lean & Agile strategies and oversees tasks of all sizes and scopes.


We promise rapid and flawless solutions, whether it's an eCommerce component that must be added to a substantial existing website or a new e-commerce employee web portal that needs to be online software that has to be integrated with corporate or third-party software, or another sort of web software that needs to be integrated into your company ecosystem .

Evolution and growth

We deliver our best to keep your websites up-to-date to keep it more effective and compatible with all your needs. Our web developers and designers have extensive experience creating solutions using cutting-edge technologies.

WordPress Website Design & Development

Our WordPress developers deliver businesses with high-performance, reliable, expandable, and digital functionality products that help them develop a strong brand presence.. If you're looking for anything specific, you've come to the correct place. seeking for top-notch web development services. At each step of your business journey, our talents and experience can assist you in succeeding.

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Web Design and Development FAQs

Our Toronto web designers don’t utilize templates in our user experience or bespoke online design work except customer has low budget. All of our design and development services are entirely new and make full use of the screen’s real estate.

We no longer take on digital marketing initiatives with website designs or software development from another digital firm.

It was a difficult choice to make because we don’t like to turn people away.

However, our internet design team must extensively study the website in order to comprehend how it works, how it’s constructed, and how everything is connected in order to accept a project of this magnitude.

The expense of a website redesign or web development is comparable to that of a new custom website design or online development, but it frequently entails just minor modifications.

Web engineering, e-commerce platform development, web design, client-side/server-side scripting, web server, and network security configuration are only a handful of the areas in which website development services are provided.

The finance of building a website differs provided by the scope of the project. It varies according to the project. You’ll need to talk about your needs in order to get an accurate estimate. With the web development team

A website can be built using a variety of programming languages. PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, and JavaScript frameworks are some of the most well-known languages (Angular JS, React JS, Django).

We’ll definitely be able to do it! Approaching website redesigns with diligence is essential to guarantee that your motives for doing so are genuine. This will ensure that the project is a long-term financial success.

It will! More people are accessing the internet through tiny displays than ever before, and this trend is anticipated to continue. If your site does not appear or perform correctly on a mobile or tablet device, you risk losing a huge chunk of your prospective audience. As a result, mobile responsive web design is now a need. We create mobile-friendly websites for all of our clients.

WordPress is a free website creation platform that we use as website designers and developers. It provides all of the versatility and functionality we need, allowing you to easily add new content to your site. Like millions of other company owners, it is something that we appreciate. We use it to create a wide range of websites, including small company websites and eCommerce sites.

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