Facebook PPC Advertising Service

Facebook PPC Advertising

Reach your customers and their friends with facebook advertising

Facebook ads account for 18.4% of global digital ad spending. Add YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter, and you have an enormous opportunity to reach your customers where they’re hanging out online.

Get more results by showing ads to your most valuable prospective customers

Facebook PPC Advertising has become one of the best platforms, which is being adopted by businesses globally to boost their ROI. If you also want to opt for Facebook PPC service and looking for a trusted partner, then BrandBurp is ready to help you out.

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Why advertisement on facebook is so important for business?

Facebook advertisement is one of those strategies which are being adopted by most of the businesses out there. With Facebook advertising, you can interact with your customers in the best possible way. Moreover, this strategy is considered to be one of the most targeted forms of advertising. If you own a start-up, then you’d be happy to know that Facebook advertising is the cheapest form of advertising, which means you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune of an investment.

How facebook PPC works?

Facebook lets you create your own PPC ads with the help of Facebook Ads Manager. These ads can be video ads, standard photo, or carousel ads.

Selection of Business Goals

The first thing that has to be done is to determine your business goals. You need to check whether your services are even needed in the market or not because if they are not needed, you might end up with losses.

Target Audience

With Facebook, you can easily create target specific ads to reach out to your audience. In order to do that, you can adopt methods like; Basic Targeting, Detailed Targeting, and Target by Connections.

Ads Placement

Facebook is known to be having different ad placements. You can lookout for the one which has the lowest cost-per-conversion and the highest ROI. Facebook Desktop and Mobile Newsfeed are two of the most used ad placements.

Set & Analyze the Budget

In order to set or analyze your budget for Facebook PPC, you can always rely on campaign budget optimization. It lets you automatically redistribute as per your audience. CBO can change the way your campaign works.

Benefits of Facebook Ads Management

Excellent level of granularity

Target ideal audiences via age range, demographics, behaviors, interests, and much more.

Take advantage of robust analytics

Know how well your Facebooks ads are performing and engaging with the audience.

Increased advertising speed

Running Facebook ads is a fast way to drive conversions and traffic.

Our ROI driven facebook PPC process

Being a top-rated Facebook advertising company, we at swift always make sure to offer our clients with the best possible Facebook PPC services and that too at affordable rates. Our primary motive is to drive as much profit as possible for our clients, be it revenue or audience satisfaction.

Competitors’ Analysis

Analyzing your competitor is something that every other company performs, but pulling it off with grace is somewhat of a task. In order to understand your competitor better, you’d have to make a Facebook Ad swipe file.

Create Engaging Organic Social Campaigns

Being a constantly evolving landscape, you need to work on creating real-time content and enhance its platform and the product you are portraying. Build up a social community with whom you can interact by sharing posts and responding to comments.

Monitor Your FB PPC Campaigns

Monitoring your Facebook ads is quite an essential step you don’t want to miss out on. By monitoring, you can check your ads’ performance, responder demographics, inline interactions, and actions by impression time

Managing & Optimizing Campaigns

If you want to achieve higher ROI and lower your advertising costs, then do make sure to optimize your campaigns. With the help of Facebook’s Ads Manager, you can access and manage your ad campaign without any hassle whatsoever.

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Advantages of choosing Swift
for facebook PPC Ad service

SDM is known for providing well-rounded Facebook Ad Campaign services to its clients. With our expertise and exposure in the industry, you can easily make your brand recognizable in this ever-growing and competitive market. From CPC to engagement metrics, our experts are well aware of what has to be put in practice and what not.

Increase Your SEO Ranking

Search engines depend on social signals for ranking websites and our Facebook advertising solutions can assist you to get more social signals, which indirectly bring an impact on your search engine rankings.

Enhanced Customer Attribution

Facebook advertising increases your customer attribution, which means users can your brand more often. With this, you can experience the overall business growth of your business and get more leads.

Increased Website Traffic

With our Facebook advertising, you can get more traffic on your website. We run a site click campaign, in order to aim your user-base and bring them to your website in a cost-effective way.

Higher ROI & Leads

With our Facebook advertising services, you can get the maximum amount of profit. We help in the keyword optimization to help your brand/business to get maximum leads and hopefully an improved ROI.

Precision audience targeting &
multiple campaign types

Whether segmented by gender, age group, interest category, geographical location or more, our clients don’t sell whatever it is they sell to everyone in the world. Chances are, neither do you.

Social media advertising enables us to show ads to the people who you know are in the market for the products and services you sell.

Age, Location & Gender

Relationship Status

Income / Net Worth

Fields Of Study

Home Type

Hobbies And Activities

Business And Industry

Shopping Behaviour

Online Spending Habits

Specific Page Likes

Previous website visits

Travel Methods

Included in our facebook PPC management

Whether your social media advertising budget is dedicated to Facebook, or allocated to multiple social media ad networks like LinkedIn and Twitter, we’ve got you covered with all the aspects of professional agency management.

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