Youtube Marketing

Youtube Marketing

By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic. Build awareness and drive the right traffic to your site with help from our experienced YouTube Ads agency team.

YouTube Services

In the wilderness of social media marketing, YouTube is its own animal. Our digital agency knows how to wrangle it with robust YouTube marketing services for businesses ranging from mid-size to enterprise. Let’s get your channel in tip-top shape.

The ideal YouTube marketing strategy attracts qualified people to your channel through a combination of SEO, advertising and brilliant video content. Oneupweb will help you with one of those categories or all of them. And you can bet that we’ll get it right, using data as our guide. Just let us know what your goals are.

Core YouTube Marketing Services

YouTube Audit

Is your channel set up correctly? Find out with this audit. Our YouTube marketing agency experts will comb through every factor that’s hurting or helping you: video analytics, SEO factors, brand consistency, channel organization, and more. After the audit, you can either apply the learnings yourself or have us optimize everything. And if you prefer to gather some high-level insights before you get help from us.

YouTube SEO

Just like on your website, you can target keywords on YouTube and follow other SEO best practices to get your videos seen. Our YouTube SEO services combine the knowledge we have of the SERP with our YouTube-specific knowledge to make sure your videos have maximum exposure in both properties. Reporting is included, so you’ll see how powerful this YouTube marketing service really is.

Ad Campaigns

Video campaigns are eligible to run on YouTube and across the Google Display Network, which means double the exposure. Our YouTube advertising services include all ad types, from discovery to in-stream to bumpers. We will help you select the right format and targeting based on your goals. Because our agency’s in-house designers and content experts are supporting our paid media team, we can offer any level of support you need. 

Channel Art

Rely on our graphic designers to make your YouTube presence accurately represent your brand and the experience your audience wants. We create unique thumbnails, cards, end screens and any other channel art. The result is a cohesive product that looks and feels like the best version of your business. 

Why Make Us Your YouTube
Marketing Agency?

Our technical SEO knowledge and creativity are a rare combo. 

We are not a one-trick pony, and our services are flexible.

We show our value with customized, understandable reporting.

Our YouTube services are designed to elevate all your marketing.

Get a video process that delivers results.

Showcase what makes you great with help from our experienced YouTube Ads agency team.

Focused Audience Research

To maximize the impact of your YouTube ads, you’ll need to know how to target your specific audience. We select the right target audience for your objectives, like retargeting, in-market and affinity, specific channels, competitor targeting, keyword targeting, and more.

Experienced Video Marketing

We put all our years of YouTube Ad content experience to work for you. Whether you’re looking to create new video, or expand the reach of your existing video assets, we make it easy to collaborate and get the best YouTube ads in front of your audience.

Full-Funnel YouTube Ads Strategy

In order to maximize lead generation and sales, our team supports YouTube advertising by implementing growth strategies that target every stage and include: Gmail retargeting, Google Display, Facebook Ads, CRO, and email marketing.

Full-Service YouTube Marketing

From refining your target audience and developing a full content marketing strategy, to video content creation, optimization, distribution, analytics and beyond, there is no element of YouTube marketing that we can’t handle.

Social Media Management

Our social media managers, strategists and consultants can deliver a full-suite of YouTube management services that include:
With nearly 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube is the second largest social media site on the web. By that logic, YouTube is just as important as LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram – maybe even moreso.

YouTube Ads

Unsurprisingly, YouTube is the largest digital platform for video ads on the web. At Swift, we can strategize, script, produce and edit your YouTube ads. We can also design banner ads that display in the frame.

Our social media consultants and PPC consultants can then help you manage your YouTube ad campaigns by refining the target audience for your ad, assisting with the cost-per-view bidding process, choosing the ideal ad format based on your budget and expectations, and more.

video Description Copywriting

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have made it easier than ever to parse and even understand audio and video content. Nevertheless, YouTube video descriptions remain an extraordinarily important ranking factor on YouTube and on Google search.

That’s why our social media strategists and content writers frequently collaborate to create keyword-optimized video descriptions. We pay special attention to factors such as the length of the description, the inclusion of primary and secondary keywords, link placement and other textual aspects that influence a video’s ranking on YouTube.

Video SEO

Ranking well on YouTube is as challenging as it is important. The second largest search engine is used to find more than 5 billion videos every single day, and a bevy of variables determine if your video content will make the cut:
At Swift, our social media mavens focus on YouTube optimization tactics like curating playlists, checking for keyword inclusion, promoting videos across other content channels such as email and other social networks, engaging subscribers and more. Our videographers, meanwhile, prioritize video optimization with editing techniques that keep viewers engaged until the very last frame. Equally important, we track key metrics every step of the way, and quickly pivot our marketing strategy as needed.

Create. Promote. Manage. Win.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we’re uniquely qualified to help you with every component of YouTube marketing: Content creation, search engine optimization, promotion and distribution, and social media management.

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